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Free Mothers Day Poems to put inside the card

I've put together a couple of Mother's Day poems that you can use to write inside her card. If you don't like them then please write your own, and feel free to send them to me and I can publish them here.

I won't promise I'm Wordsworth or Keats, and I'd love to see your Mother's Day poems so why don't you e-mail me them so I can share them with the world.

To mother on Mother's Day

Relax and enjoy this special day
we celebrate everything you do for us
so put your feet up and chill out
get tea on late tonight, no rush!

We love your hot dinners
we loved your packed lunches
we love your freshly baked cakes
and biscuits when we got the munchies.

But for one day and it's our turn
we've burnt the Sunday roast
we're not as skilled cooking
so happy Mother's Day lunch is only toast!


Mother you're the best
the one who irons when I need a sure
the one who lends a hand
the one who never judges
the one who cooks and cleans
the one who finds lost PE kit
the one who makes my lunch for school
mother you're the best
now put your feet up you deserve a rest

I would have bought you flowers
but you are allergic to the pollens.
I would have bought you chocolates
but you're on a diet.
I would have bought you a present
but you have everything you want.
So instead you've just got me!

M Is for magnificent
U is for unbelievable
M is for magic.


Mother's day is but once a year
but we think you deserve so much more
we should tell you every day how much we love you
we should tell you each day how much we care.
Mother you do so much for us
but we think you deserve a rest
we should do more for you to show how much we love you
we should show you each day how much we care.
Why do we wait for that one day a year
when one day will not be there.
We should savour every hour with you
and remember every day we spent with you

I remember when I was five,
I thought the man in the moon was alive.
I remember when I was 10
I thought the best thing in the world was my Fountain pen
I remember when I was 21
all I wanted to was have some fun,
I remember, I close my eyes and see you in each memory
always there, quiet and calm,
looking out from me, keeping me from harm.


A few words to tell you how much I love you. Mom I love you so much, I want to thank you for everything you ever did from me when I was at school, the early morning's, the packed lunches, the lost PE kit you found. And when I left college how much you cared, the letters you wrote, the cheques you sent, the phone calls you made. And when I became a mum, it brought back every moment. I love you more than you can ever imagine.


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