List of things NOT to buy your mum on Mother's Day

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Don't buy your mum the following items

What are the very worst thing is that you could buy your mother on Mother's Day?

Nothing! Either by accidentally forgetting or deliberately avoiding buying anything, you are probably being quite mean! Don't expect your mom to be nice to you for the next six months or maybe longer.

An iron is probably the very worst thing you could buy your mom Mother's Day. Even if she says she wants one, don't require one as a gift on Mother's Day. If you want to buy an iron, just buy her iron do not wrap it up as a present.

Never buy her garage flowers. They stink of desperation rather than flowers, are usually rubbish, looked terrible and cost a fortune. It doesn't take much planning to order some in advance.

Giving her a box of chocolates you've already opened is one of the worst things you can do to. Why would you do this? Perhaps your chocolate addict and on the way over to see her on Mothering Sunday, you were suddenly overcome by a sudden urge to eat chocolate. She will notice, she will hate you for it.

Buying her plain chocolate is when she likes milk chocolate is is also pretty horribly mean thing to do. Don't do it, you should know by now what chocolate she loves.

Another really essential thing to know is never buy her old lady slippers. Even when she is an old lady never ever go down that road. Tartan pom-pom slippers are no no.

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